Coconut Tree Trimming

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Coconut Tree Trimming Kauai HI

Coconut tree trimming should be done as needed throughout the year as fronds die or become unhealthy. It is important that coconut trees are healthy before trimming them as trimming an unhealthy coconut tree can cause harm to the tree. We do not use spikes.

Typically the most common health issues with coconut trees is crown rot and potassium deficiencies. When coconut trees don’t have enough potassium you will see signs of darkening or spotting, and sometimes yellow spots on the leaves. Crown rot is difficult to treat, and typically the tree will eventually need to be removed. Trimming a coconut tree when it is not healthy is not recommended.

If you have questions about trimming your coconut tree give us a call and we will be happy to evaluate your coconut tree trimming needs and provide you with a free estimate if you like.