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Tree Trimming Kauai HI

Properly trimmed trees can be a huge asset to your home or business. However, if done incorrectly  they can cause you a lot of problems in the future. When trimming a tree it is important that you use a professional tree trimmer that has the right knowledge of growth patterns and proper tree trimming techniques.

Removing too much of a tree can damage the tree and may even cause the tree to die. Tree trimming performed incorrectly can encourage the tree to grow in undesired directions and possibly cause safety hazards down the road. Having a professional take care of your trees ensures that they will be able to thrive.

Tree Shaping allows for your trees to take a certain shape or form. This will increase the beauty and overall aesthetics of the tree. Shaping a tree helps the tree to stay clean looking and well cared for. At Paradise Tree our team of Kauai tree trimming experts can turn your tree into a true work of art.

Tree thinning is used to decrease the weight of the branches, making the tree safer and more resistant to storms and wind.  The process of tree thinning can have great health benefits to the tree as well as the landscape below the tree. The process of thinning out the tree often lets more sunlight hit the landscape below.

Crown lifting creates more space beneath the tree’s crown. By trimming the lowermost branches your tree will gain a higher clearance allowing for more room beneath the tree.

Crown Reduction is the proper way to decrease the height of your tree by selectively choosing branches to cut that won’t cause detrimental damage to your tree. When your tree encroaches on power lines or other obstructions, you may need to have your tree’s crown reduced.

Tree Topping is the improper method of controlling a tree’s crown. We do not advise tree topping and actually recommend that you do not use this technique as it may kill your tree or cause serious damage.

Palm tree trimming should only be done if necessary. Many companies are happy to trim your palm even though it may not be best for your tree. Properly recognizing the right time to trim your palms is essential in keeping your palm tree healthy.

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Coconut palms should be trimmed at least once or twice a year in order to remove dead and sagging fronds. This will allow your coconut trees to look much healthier and cleaner.

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At Paradise Tree Service we use selective pruning methods to create an aesthetically pleasing and healthy tree. A properly cared for tree will be both safe and beautiful. It will also likely increase the value of your property. At Paradise Tree Service we know Kauai trees and their trimming needs and are experts at creating beautiful, healthy, and safe trees.